Member At Large

Member At Large

Open to individuals who meet the National Member criteria and live in excess of 250 km from a CF Branch and/or live or work outside of Canada. If and when you visit or return to Canada, you have the privilege of visiting any Branch and partake of events and resources associated with that Branch.


  • Access to services and discounts specifically designed for members
  • Auto and home insurance exclusive rates
  • Access to the chef’s buyer’s guide
  • Access to CF Social and messaging
  • Chef certification programs
  • Subscription to national newsletters and magazines (informative articles and recipes)
  • Discounts on travel, clothing and tools
  • Involvement in college and apprenticeship training advisory committees
  • Culinary Federation certificate
  • Culinary Federation lapel pin
  • International, national & local culinary shows are promoted and sponsored by the Culinary Federation and its branches
  • Opportunities to hear & see world renowned chefs and speakers at regional & national conventions
  • Chance to participate at regional mini-conventions held every year
  • Automatically become a member of WorldChefs
  • Participation in the career enhancement of Jr Cook Apprentices
  • Travel, car rental and product discounts at Chef Works, Thrifty Car Rental, Group Auto and Residence Insurance (amongst others)


    Membership Cost:

  • This particular membership category is $150.00 + GST (Culinary Federation only)
  • Renewing Member at Large $120.00 + GST (Culinary Federation only)
  • If residing outside Canada, there is no GST applied. No local Branch dues are to be paid , but you will be required to choose a home  branch. The  home branch will maintain  reasonable levels of communication with you until you decide to reside within the required distance to a branch in Canada.