Membership types, requirements, costs, benefits, applications

Instructions to apply for membership

  1. Below, complete the fields of the Application Form and press “Send” 
  2. Select the appropriate membership type below and purchase it by adding it to the cart. For new members, also add the one-time initiation fee (young chef members are exempt) to the cart. Proceed to Checkout and pay. 
  1. For Associate Membership purchase that membership type by adding it to the cart. Proceed to Checkout and pay. 
  2. Complete the Associate Membership Application form pdf form, save it with your name as title and email to

For the Associate Membership, the treasurer will send you an invoice/receipt for payment, whereas the secretary will add your membership to the database and keep you informed. 


    National Member


    CF $125.00 annually + 5% GST= $131.25 + CACC fee $80.00 = $211.25
    + $30 + 5% GST = $31.50 one-time initiation fee for new members

    Applicants shall be deemed eligible for National Membership if they hold a valid Certificate of Qualification for the Trade of Cook (a TQ5 if trained with the Canadian Armed Forces from 1985) or similar Certification from any Province or Territory where applicable, or an equivalent Certificate from any member country of World Chefs, or they must be currently working for a documented minimum eight (8) years in the Trade of Cook or as an instructor at an accredited College, Foodservices or Hospitality Institution.


    Armed Forces Member

    CF $125.00 annually + 5% GST= $131.25 + CACC fee $80.00 = $211.25
    + $30 one-time initiation fee for new members (see bottom of page to add to cart)

    Members of the Canadian Armed Forces whose main duties are those of a mess cook, warrant office or commissioned officer.


    Young Chef Member

    CF $40 annually + GST = $42 plus local fee of $10 for total of $52.00

    Open to any person actively engaged in the preparation of food in a commercial establishment or is enrolled in a recognized course of culinary studies at a college, school or institute. Is actively involved in work/study in the trade of cooking at the time of the application. Initiation fees do not apply to young chefs.


    Associate Member

    CACC fee $100.00 annually

         Note:  this is a local foodservice industry membership category and has no affiliation with the national CF

    ● Open to professionals serving in the foodservice industry


    Foodie Member

    CF $85.00 annually + GST = $4.25 for total of $89.25
    + $30 one-time initiation fee for new members (see bottom of page to add to cart)

         Note: this is a national membership category only and has no corresponding CACC membership● Open to any non-professional individuals whose passion is food or cooking  


    New Member One Time Initiation Fee

    This initiation fee applies to NEW members in categories of National Member, Armed Forces Member, Pastry Chef Member and Foodie Member in addition to the regular fees. 


    Associate Member Application​

    Application for CACC Membership